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The power of VIP MARKETING

Oct 26, 2016

Ideas Unltd is the home of VIP marketing and creative direct mail. If your target group consists of few contacts that each represent high value, we can help you multiply the results of your marketing. Here’s an example...

Koojarewon Youth Camp’s target market was schools within a 2-hour radius from Toowoomba. Easy to identify but hard to get to – teachers teach and principals are too busy. Unless they get something really exciting... 

Koojarewon has an exciting school camp formula: country hospitality, acres of fun and clean mountain air. Ideas Unltd presented the formula in a box with three test tubes: one full of coffee beans, one with rope from the rope activities and one with clean mountain air. The brochure was inspirational – and we enclosed enough copies to inspire the teachers as well. 

Within six months 17 new school camps had been booked...some of these bookings had the same dollar value as the entire campaign. The success was no surprise. Koojarewon is owned by Luther Heights Youth Camp and we implemented the same campaign for Luther Heights five years ago with equally impressive results.

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