Koojarewon Youth Camp

is targeting schools within a two hour radius from Toowoomba. Easy to identify but hard to get to – teachers teach and principals are too busy...unless they get something really exciting. A box with three test tubes resulted in 17 new school camp bookings within six months – some bookings had the same dollar value as the entire campaign. Koojarewon is owned by Luther Heights Youth Camp and we have implemented the same campaign for Luther Heights five years ago with equally impressive results. 

Client: Koojarewon Youth Camp

A box with three test tubes was sent to school principals
within a 2-hour radius of Toowoomba.

The test tubes contained Koojarewon’s formula for a great school camp:
country hospitality (coffee beans), fun (rope from the rope activities) and clean mountain air.

There were brochures enough for the teachers as well.

The brochure theme was ‘top of the range’. Koojarewon is located
at the top of the Great Dividing Range near Toowoomba.

The brochure had a clear structure with tabs.

Each brochure spread was designed to inspire.

The school camp formula worked. Within six months 17 new camps were booked
– some of the bookings had the same dollar value as the entire campaign.