DM campaign gets EMU up and running

The EMU is RSPCA's Education Mobile Unit and at the time of its launch Australia’s largest mobile classroom. The EMU truck was a gift from sponsors and initially it was mostly lying idle – very few school bookings came through. The campaign below changed that. After 6 months visitor numbers had reached 45,000 and within 12 months the EMU was running at full capacity: 120,000 annual visitors. Years later, the campaign material is still being used and the EMU keeps running at full capacity.​

Client: RSPCA

Who would NOT open the envelope?

Inside the envelope was a brochure, a cover letter, and a very simple order form. 
Booking the EMU was easy.

A much used document. 12 months after the campaign launch the EMU was running at full capacity:
120,000 children annually.

The EMU was also presented in a DL size brochure.

At the time of its launch, the EMU was Australia's largest mobile classroom.